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Hello, hi, hey,

Since I started this blog, oh about 2 1/2 years ago now, I’ve always been regretting that I chose as the URL. I can’t remember if I was only planning on doing this for a year, and then stopping, or if I was planning on changing it someday anyways. Well regardless, I’ve migrated all the content from this blog to a new blog…

I posted a total of 2,154 posts on this blog, and some days a few people actually looked at them. My plan is to start blogging with a bit more intention and forethought, maybe even creating a few categories and tags to organize all this stuff. Although that’s my plan, it may take a few more years and a few thousand more posts to actually do it.

If you get these posts via RSS, make sure you switch it to the new site, otherwise this will be the last post you see.

Thanks for looking,



Spring honey harvest

Spring honey harvest, originally uploaded by johnpaulgoguen.

Just over a gallon

Juneberry flowering, Busey and Oregon

Getting juiced at the house meeting

Connie licking the bucket

Filtering with cheesecloth

Top bar of honey

Solar Boy, only $49.97

Most of the seeds have sprouted!

Pea sprouts

The pond is now filled with logs

Down to one hive

Omelette prep

Tomato Seedlings

Beer diggin

Bed prep work crew

Toad Friend

Garden work party

Seedbomb machine!

Seedbomb machine!, originally uploaded by johnpaulgoguen.

It’s like a gumball machine. 50 cents gives you a seedbomb of native
plants. Spotted at the Red Herring Restaurant.

Maggie on a panel

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